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Service Unit Projects
    Collecting Easter Items Until: Friday, March 29th
    Last year our community helped 24 little ones, have a very happy Easter as each child was given a basket filled with goodies, toys and necessities. We are hoping that with your help, we may once again bring a little holiday spirit to these young families during a very difficult time.
    This year, Interfaith Hospitality Network of Somerset County (IHN-SC) has 25 children (which includes 3 small babies) that have been displaced from their homes and are currently living within Somerset County at one of IHN-SC’s many shelters and temporary/permanent housings. Each week these children (along with mom and/or dad) are moved from church to church until they are able to receive more permanent residency within IHN’s facilities. These families have limited resources and only own the small ítems they carry within a pillowcase. While it is the work of IHN to help these families regain their financial and housing stability through a multitude of trainings, programs and the support of dedicated social workers; there is still more we can do. IHN-SC is a private non-profit that receives many of its donations through the community. For this reason, the level of support and the amount of facilities available to these families varies. Many families cannot afford holiday supplies and special treats and just as many cannot reach the stores to purchase them either. Through a time of uncertainty, we hope to keep their spirits high by presenting them with these baskets.
    Listed below are some suggested donations for the Easter baskets. While considering food ítems, we do not have any known food allergies. Peanuts or foods possibly exposed to peanuts, are okay. If you are getting any nonfood items, please remember we have 3 very little ones! I have been provided the names of each child in the event those with special crafting skills would like to personalize any ítems. This would certainly be a special gift for any child!
    I am accepting donations up until March 29th. Baskets will then be assembled and distributed to IHN-SC’s headquarters located in Somerville. Their drivers hand deliver each basket to the families. For any questions or to drop off donations, please contact Christina Sarles: Donations may be dropped off at 269 Miller Avenue, Branchburg.
    Thank you in advance for your support!
    Suggested donations:
    Scotch Tape
    Plastic eggs
    Chocolate bunnies
    Chocolate eggs
    Jelly beans
    Plastic grass
    Coloring books
    Stuffed animals
    Small toys
    Teething rings
    Mini puzles
    Dayana (10)
    Lily (3)
    Adonis (4m)
    Gwenevere (8)
    Kyng (6)
    Khali (4)
    Debbie (5)
    Praise (girl age 6)
    Brianna (8)
    Layla (9)
    Nadia (6)
    Allison (10)
    Alex (boy) 9
    Xavier (8)
    Jason (6)
    Madison (girl age 2)
    Kashaad (4)
    Sa’merah (girl 18m)
    Shane (boy age 9)
    Shyann (10)
    Noah (6m)
    Willenette (2)
    Tyshawn (6)
    Isaleen (8)
    Jasyshon (4)

  • Volunteers Needed for Fall Leaf Clean up for the elderly and disabled persons in Somerset County

    For information and to sign up as a volunteer, Contact Somerset County Office of Volunteer Services 908-541-5715

    This annual leaf clean up is scheduled for Saturday Nov. 17th, but if you cannot attend that day, schedule another day when your troop is available.

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