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  • High Awards Update- all 3 High Awards can have the target audience for Girl Scouts, but cannot be an existing event such as camporee or World Thinking Day.  IF your Award is for Girl Scouts, please email<> for project approval.  Now 25% of hours for your Gold Award can be towards fundraising.  Must account  for hours on your project log.  As in receiving any monetary donation including grants over $250, you must email<> for approval.

  • The traditional, long standing Service Unit 73 Father Daughter Pumpkin Carving and the Sweetheart Dance events will be raffled off at the April SU meetings starting this April 2019 and every other year to allow all 2nd year juniors, and up, the ability to run and profit from these events for 2 consecutive years and possibly longer if no one enters the raffle.

    Listed below are the event guidelines:

    * The Troop, entering in the raffle, must participate in both the Girl Scout Nuts and Cookie programs in the same Scouting year as well as be up to date with annual financial reports and in good standing.

    * The winning Troop will SHADOW the existing Troop for the Pumpkin Carving or Sweetheart Dance event and receive none of the proceeds. They will attend the dance to learn and help minimally.The next year, the winning Troop will run the dance solely and receive all the proceeds.  The following year, the same Troop will earn all the proceeds while another Troop is the shadow troop. Therefore, the winning Troop will have the ability to collect the full proceeds consecutively FOR 2 YEARS or more depending if any troops participate in the raffle. If no troop participates in the raffle, the dance will remain with the existing troop until the next raffle.

    *The Troop wanting to participate in the raffle must have a representative from their Troop physically present at the drawing. All drawings will take place at the April SU Meeting just before the meeting begins at 6:30pm SHARP!!

    * The events must donate $1 per couple to the SU73 Scholarship Fund.

    *The events must be run with the same integrity as their predecessor to provide the best experience for the girls attending.

    * If the winning Troop backs out of the event after winning the raffle 6 months prior to the dance, another drawing will take place immediately. 

    * If the winning Troop decides not run the event with less than 6 months before the dance and decides to back out, it will revert back to the existing Troop.

    * The winning Troop cannot enter the raffle for that event twice. Therefore, they can win the raffle for the Sweetheart Dance or Pumpkin Carving one time.  

    * Each troop can enter both raffles, but if they win both, they have the option to run both events or ask to have one of the events raffled off again that same night.

    * Your troop must have approximately 20 Adults/Girl Scouts to run either event.




    We have had some great questions lately about Su Money Earners including selling t-shirts as a SU Money Earner.  I have attached the Blue book of Basic Documents from GSUSA as well as included a link to GSHNJ's Style Guide: (While some information is obsolete i.e. we no longer use font Omnes, we have a new Trefoil font trademarked by GSUSA, it contains helpful information such as in page 13 about what needs to receive council approval.)
    According to the attached, any trademarked logo or words such as "Girl Scouts " cannot be used on a t-shirt or other product used as a money earner unless made by an approved GSUSA vendor.  This would include t-shirts, bracelets, lip balms, etc.  If a product is only used for promotional materials, and not for resale such as for a recruitment, please have them approved by myself as I will reach out to the GSHNJ's Marketing Department.
    If you have a question on approved vendors, please let me know as I believe GSUSA keeps a list online.
    Words like GS, Troop, and SU/Service Unit are not trademarked.
  • New Forms: Graduating, Disbanding/Transitioning, Troop Treasury and Juliette Funds

    Update to the Disbanded and Graduated troop support materials as well as the Juliette (now called the IRM) funds policy.  The forms are now live on our website on the FORMS page ( then go to FORMS from the top menu). Type the form in the Options Box.

    · Graduating Troop Volunteer Instructions, Checklist, and Form – this document includes instructions for a graduating troop on closing out the troop’s paperwork and bank account.  It also has a form that should be submitted along with the final troop financial report and evidence that the bank account was closed with a zero balance.

    · Disbanding/Transitioning Troop Volunteer Instructions, Checklist, and Form – this document includes instructions for a troop that is disbanding or transitioning on closing out the troop’s paperwork and bank account.  It also has a form that should be submitted along with the final troop financial report (if applicable) and evidence that the bank account was closed with a zero balance (if applicable).

    · Troop Treasury and Disbursement Form – when a troop disbands, any unspent funds should be divided equally among the girls in the troop, and a check sent to those troops in which continuing girls are placed so that the disbanding troop can close its account.  Any funds that cannot be sent to another troop because the girl is uncertain can be deposited with GSHNJ Finance using this form where they will remain for up to 12 months.  If a previously uncertain girl does join another troop, this form can also be used to request a check be written to the new troop.

    · IRM Fund Request Form – this document contains instructions and a form that an Individually Registered Member (IRM) Girl Scout (formerly Juliette) can use to reallocate funds held for her by GSHNJ Finance either from her product sales or if she received funds after leaving a traditional troop.  Funds can be used for High Award expenses, Girl Scout-related travel, shop purchases, membership, and camp tuition.  IMPORTANT NOTE:  the transfer of funds raised during product sales will begin with the 2018 Fall Product Program, until then, IRM girls can receive cookie credits as they have in the past.

    Please take a look at these documents.  There aren’t big changes, but things that have been ‘word of mouth’ for some time have been documented formally.  The one big change is that starting with the fall product sale 2018, IRMs (Juliettes) can have their proceeds held here in an account with Finance instead of getting ‘cookie credits’, and if a troop is disbanding and any of the girls will continue as an IRM, a portion of the disbanding troop funds can go to that account for her to use in the future.  We hope this will help out older girls who need product sales to support their high awards projects. 

    SU Role Cleanup

    We continue to align our procedures with Volunteer Systems as we learn more about how to use the system to our collective advantage.  Over the next few weeks the SUSS team will be looking at each of their SUs to be sure that each one is setup correctly.  This includes making sure all of the current jobs are available to your SU, that they are all titled properly, and have the right permissions in VS.  By now, your SU 320xx (IRM/Juliette) troop should already be setup correctly.

    In addition, we’ll be removing old roles that no longer are relevant and adding a couple of new ones.  The roles that will occur for each SU going forward are:

      -Service Unit Manager

     -Service Unit Treasurer

     -Service Unit Registrar

     -Service Unit Organizer

     -Service Unit Delegate

     -Service Unit Fall Product Program Manager

     -Service Unit Cookie Program Manager

     -Service Unit Outdoor/Camporee Coordinator

     -Service Unit Award/Recognitions Coordinator

    In addition to the above, there will be a role called ‘SU Team Member’.  This role can be used for any other job that is a part of your local SU Team and will allow you to recognize the many volunteers who help out with local SU events, traditions, and initiatives.  Each SU will be given 20 SU Team Member spots so anyone you request to have the role of SU Team Member can be given that role.  Locally you can use whatever naming convention you have been using to refer to them in your communications or local rosters.

    If during this process we have to change anyone’s role, we will alert them first and let them know that we are doing it so they aren’t surprised if they receive a system-generated email or see that new role when they go to renew. 

    If you have any questions about any of the above, please reach out to your SUSS

    Fatima Latif – – 908-947-1716

    Caitlin Glynn – – 908-518-4409

    Amanda Cusamano – – 908-518-4420

    Inez Johnson – - 973-842-4235

    Tara Faquir ( and I are always available to you as well.


    If you are doing a money-earner to increase TROOP funds to be used by the troop, then the troop must have participated in both product sales for that membership year (this includes the Bronze Award if done by the entire troop).  We count an average of items sold, not number of girls selling.  So if you have 10 girls in your troop, at least two girls in your troop must have sold a minimum total of 10 items (per girl average of one item).  If a troop would like to do a money-earner then they must submit this<> form for verification and approval.
    If you are doing a money-earner to raise funds for a SILVER OR GOLD AWARD, then the troop's participation in the product sales is irrelevant because funds for those award projects are separate from troop funds.  In other words, your troop should not be using troop monies to fund individual Silver or Gold projects; the girls working on those awards must come up with their own method of raising whatever money they need to pay for their own project.  No separate money-earner application need be submitted in this instance other than what's included in the award process.
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